Practice Management Fast-Track Training Program

If you have solid experience in a specific industry or profession, you may qualify for our Practice Management Fast-Track Training Program. In that case, you'll work closely with a Partner and Practice Manager, interfacing constantly throughout the day, learning to apply your previous business experience, wisdom and skills to our industry.

Practice Managers are the backbone of our organization leading our expansion into new business areas. They are responsible for developing and building client relationships, developing recruiting teams, and supervising the prospecting, qualifying and securing candidates for their clients. The position requires an energetic take-charge individual with an assertive personality and a strong work ethic.

Members of the Fast-Track program are immediately prospecting potential clients, interacting with senior executives, gathering client requirements, developing job specifications, researching current markets, prospecting potential candidates and negotiating terms of agreement. To be considered for our program, you must demonstrate excellent networking talent, consultative selling skills, high mental alacrity, good internet and computer skills, high energy level and powerful analytical abilities. Click an item below to learn more.