Practice Team - Practice Manager

Practice Manager Qualifications

Spend at least twelve consecutive full calendar months working successfully at the rank of Level 4 for one Practice Manager.

Last twelve months personal production credit exceeds $220,000.

Receive promotion recommendations from at least 50% (excluding self) of the Practice Group.

Receive the promotion recommendation of the President of Diedre Moire Corporation.

Pass the Field Presentation Examination Procedure.

Pass the Target Marketing Examination Procedure.

Pass the Leadership Examination Procedure.

Pass the 100 Multiple Choice Question Level 4 Completion Test (95%correct).

Complete a marketing plan for a new market.

Develop name, logo, campaign copy, etc. for new market.

Set up website for new market.

Establish at least five clients in the new market which have paid at least $225,000 in fees to the team for new market category placements over the last six months prior to promotion.

Train one Level 1 to Level 2 rank within present team who agrees to transfer to Practice Manager's new team.

Practice Manager Duties

Develop and communicate market and operating strategy.

Visit clients and build relationships.

Hire, train, evaluate, promote, demote and otherwise maintain team membership.

Maintain team morale.

Schedule daily training and assign trainer or facilitator.

Assign projects.

Conduct quality control inspections.

Develop procedures and training materials.

Prepare a business plan annually.

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