Practice Team - Level 3

Level 3 Qualifications

Spend at least six consecutive full calendar months working successfully at the rank of Level 2 for one Practice Manager.

A combination of at least nine candidates and search assignments isolated by Level 2 recruiter must have been placed or filled by group during prior six months where at least three search assignments isolated by Level 2 recruiter were filled.

Last six months personal production credit exceeds $70,000.

Receive promotion recommendations from at least 50% (excluding self) of the Practice Group.

Receive the promotion recommendation of the President of Diedre Moire Corporation.

Pass the Advanced Scripts Examination Procedure.

Pass the Search Assignment Prospecting Examination Procedure.

Pass the Sendout Handling Examination Procedure.

Pass the 100 Multiple Choice Question Level 2 Completion Test (95%correct).

Level 3 Duties

Obtain Search Assignments and Search Agreement Endorsements.

Present and explain search assignments to associates.

Review and Level First Stage and Second Stage matches.

Schedule interviews with employers.

Develop and implement Client Marketing campaigns.

Prepare Search Assignment notification copy for candidateseeker, job

posting and emailing by candidate prospector.

Develop query criteria for sourcing.