Could you use a recruiter that knows ...

... Pharmacology is not the study of how drugs affect the environment?

... Quality Assurance is not expensive insurance?

... Time Release is not a way to get out of prison early?

... Regulatory Affairs has nothing to do with cheating on one's spouse?

... Bacterial Culture does not refer to a diseased society?

... Validation does not allude to your driver's license?

... Neuron is not the seventh planet orbiting our sun?

... Glial Cell is not a place to keep happy prisoners?

... Beta Amyloid Protein is not the latest food supplement craze?

... Free Radicals does not refer to Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin?

... Tau is not a Zen poet?

... an Animal Model does not work for Calvin Klein?

... Western Blot is not a painting by Pablo Picasso?

... A Plant Manager is not the gardener?

... Distillation Columns are not what hold up the roof of the Parthenon?

... Crystallography is not a method for telling the future?

... Injection Mold is not something that turns bread green?

... Gas Chromatography is not a method of photographing indigestion?