Why do so many top executives, entrepreneurs, and managers use Diedre Moire to seek and secure talent for their organizations?

They know the future belongs to those who assemble the best talent in their industry. That's our specialty. Perhaps, you can benefit also.

Think of us as part of your management team. We cultivate a profound, far-flung network which enables us to research the local, regional, national, and worldwide marketplaces, identify currently employed and unemployed prospects, and screen them for suitability. We remove a tremendous burden from your shoulders by presenting a small number of highly appropriate candidates who are prepared to accept your position.

We know what to look for in a candidate and how to quickly discover if it's there. We know how to attract and hire a candidate who is successful. We know how to advise and counsel management so the best hires are made.

We can take advantage of meeting candidates outside the interviewing arena. We spend a significant amount of time with candidates to better understand and evaluate, to analyze their concerns, and ease the challenging transition from present job to their position on your team. We are ideally suited to act as emissary between you and the candidate tactfully conveying each party's concerns to the other.

We are committed to confidentiality -- both by professional ethics and common sense. We understand the privileged relationship we have with your company.

Most ambitious individuals like to hear about outstanding opportunities which could advance their careers, but few are willing to jeopardize their current position and explore opportunities on their own. We can provide information to a candidate with utter discretion, so that colleagues and superiors are not alerted. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that many candidates will only consider third party contact when considering career opportunities.

Altogether, we can perform a vital service to your team. We bring expertise, effectiveness, efficiency, and confidentiality to the process of finding and hiring talent.